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Combination of the knife in the handed down servers is a combination of the most controversial of, this combination is indeed quite awkward combination, rather than in the press, which with two and dual combination is meaningless, friends here would say, you said a lot, but not in the array parameter is garbage?
Can only say that is wrong, this combination is not garbage. This combination is the two strong binding, binding PK is relatively weak, the combination of the most obvious shortcoming is the baby and the main number, as long as it is to play the legendary world of friends all know, the main output is very small. Therefore, in the PK is not only the challenge against the mage. At the same time, also need to pay attention to their health, especially warrior mage challenge, the baby is a professional in the most vulnerable, less blood loss and so on, the latter often is a baby baby.
Method combined with the main power, and the baby attack decided he was in the late, in the occupation of inferior and high level of PK, in fact, as long as the 45 child in the way, the hope of attack power will rise to a new level. While the method combination is not full of garbage, in the red there is a certain advantage, after all, in the combination of more than three stamping methods are more space, the combination of roads, is relatively unfavorable. With the road, when the brush strange, both in speed and efficiency will bring hitherto unknown game player pleasure, absolutely can say first, in combination with other people, to occupy the absolute leading position. According to the law and the Taoist phase is a combination of killing and killing efficiency.
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